A film by

Samira Gloor Fadel


Wim Wenders, Jean Nouvel, Thomas

and the voice of

Jean-Luc Godard

Texts by

Franz Hessel, Ruth-Andreas Friedrich, Ilma Rakusa

read by

Rüdiger Vogler

"La Maison manquante" - Christian Boltanski

sound clips from

"Berlin Alexanderplatz", "Summer in the City", "Tokyo Ga", "Alice in den Städten", "Nick's Movie", "Der Himmel über Berlin".

Concept collaboration

Jacques André


Philippe Bonnier, Patrice Cologne S.C.S., Samira Gloor-Fadel, Denis Jutzeler S.C.S., Jacques Loiseleux, Sophie Maintigneux, Hugues Ryffel S.C.S.


Daniela Bürgin, Peter Henrici, Jean-Paul Mugel

Music score

Mahmut Démir, Jean-Louis Valéro

End credits music

Meira Asher, "Dissected"


Original: Super 16 mm negative

Copies available in: Betacam digital 16:9 and Betacam SP (PAL / NTSC)

Sound: stéréo, Dolby Surround

Black and White & Color

Originaly spoken

French, German, English, Kurdish


English or French or German


106' 09'' (also available in a 2 part version)

World rights

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